When it comes to buying a brand new Volkswagen Golf, there’s an incredibly important decision that needs to be made. Which Golf will you buy? Are you going for sporty or for luxury? Performance or comfort? Every buyer is different, so we’ve put together this guide to point you in the right direction. Each model we’ve listed out below is different from the rest in its own unique way. Worried you’re not going to find one you like? Fear not. Volkswagen made a model for even the pickiest of car buyers. This article is brought to you by Volkswagen Finance Canada!

The Standard Golf

The standard-issue Golf is perhaps the classic version of the car. The body style itself is only available with four doors and comes with the hatchback that you cannot swap out. This particular Golf showcases over 170 horsepower being pushed out by its 1.8L turbocharged engine. Pricing at under $20k, this vehicle is the perfect mix of performance and comfort for those who want some zip during their daily drives.


This particular type of Golf uses the same powertrain as the standard Golf, however, it features a lot more storage. This Golf was designed to be sport and comfortable, yet also easily and effectively take a family on camping trips. For those looking to customize their vehicles, this is a model for you. With four magnificent trim levels to choose from, your vehicle will be rolling in personality (not literally I hope). This particular model costs just over $21k, making it a few thousand more expensive than the standard golf.


The track is basically the Sportwagon on steroids. This particular Golf features an extra 7 inches of ground clearance, more storage space, and a beefy all-wheel drive (AWD) system that the previous one does not have. The Alltrack comes standard with a 6.9-inch infotainment system, and several other fancy features when the trim level increases.


This particular Golf is all about performance. Featuring a new 2-liter TSI engine that’s been turbocharged, the vehicle outputs over 210 horsepower, and upwards of 260 lb-feet of torque. Not only does the vehicle include performance modules and indicators, but it features a brand new intensive sound system. The Golf GTI starts at just over $25k.

Golf R

The Golf R is essentially a really beefy version of the GTI. It outputs almost 300 horsepower and about 280 lb-feet of torque. With the Golf R’s sport mode, Tiptronic, and 6-speed automatic transmission, this particular Golf is sure to dominate anywhere it’s used. Not impressed? Don’t worry. You can actually add several other features that are sure to spice things up. These include a dual exhaust system, quad tips, sport seats, and more! The Golf R starts at just above $39k.


This particular Gold model is completely electric. On a full charge, the e-Golf will actually achieve over 125 miles of range. This is because the vehicle uses lithium-ion battery packs that have been improved upon by Volkswagen themselves. With 134 horsepower and over 200-foot pounds of torque, the e-Golf is the ultimate environmentalist car.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, there’s Golf for everyone! You just have to pick the one that is right for you!

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