Know What’s Available Before Shopping:

To begin with, you need to research in order to get the very best value for your money. The upside, you do not have to sacrifice quality and luxury when purchasing a used car in this day and age.

There are so many used vehicles available on the market that are under $15,000 and range from small and compact to SUVs or trucks. Know ahead of time what kind of vehicle you are looking for and what you will be comfortable with when it comes time to make a purchase.

Ask yourself questions about the kind of car you want, including features, resale value, safety rating, and fuel efficiency. We have put together a list of the best used cars in all different sizes and models that are available in Canada for under $15,000!

Here is a list of the most popular and hottest used cars available in Canada:

  • Honda Civic
  • Volvo S60
  • Volkswagen Hatchback GTI
  • Mazda3
  • Kia Rio5

A Checklist For What Used Car To Buy:

Before heading out the door, we’ve done some of the homework for you by providing a checklist to help you decide which features are the most important to you.

Safety Should Come First:

Before deciding on a particular used car model, safety should come first and that means getting the car’s safety rating. If you are a parent looking for a used car for your college student or a mom with very young children you should know all the safety features. As a young parent, you want to know the safety rating for the backseat or should something happen such as a car accident, how well this vehicle will hold up after a collision? The dealership should have a history on the car including if it’s been in previous accidents – if it does not have a history, look elsewhere.

Does The Used Car Meet Your Comfort Zone?

There are many people who care a great deal about the comfort they expect from their used car purchase. If you are really tall, legroom is probably up on the top of the list. If you want added room when going on long road trips or have leather, heated seats, put it on your list. Have a list of all the comfort features you want in a used car.

Will The Car Save You Money On Fuel?

This is another feature that is very important to some while not for others. If you only drive once in a while or your trip to the office is very short, I doubt this would be a leading concern. On the other hand, if traveling out of town for business, this might be very important to you. If you don’t understand the fuel rating listing on the window sticker, ask the dealership to explain it to you.

I Want Fast And Fun!

If you see yourself in a sports car that’s super-fast, then be sure and add this to your checklist. Keep in mind, a used sports car in really great condition will cost a little more than a standard sedan.

Dependable & Reliable:

You should ask the dealership for the history of the used car, this history will help you decide which used car is the most reliable to buy. If the car has been in and out of repair shops or even at the dealership, you have a right to know.

Are You Interested In A Hybrid Used Car?

Definitely make sure you see the maintenance history on the car. Hybrids, in general, should show you how much maintenance has gone into this used car. Again, if the dealership can not provide you with its maintenance history, look elsewhere, no matter how nice a used car might look.

The Honda Civic Price Range:

The average used Honda Civic between 2013 and 2015 is approximately $11,800 to $14,000 at dealerships. The prices we have collected were provided by

According to Edmunds New Car Buying Guide, the Honda Civic is rated on the top of the list for 3 straight years. One added feature from earlier models, you can get the coupe or sedan design with either manual or automatic transmission. Other features include the LaneWatch monitor, an interior touch screen on the multimedia system, audio theft deterrent, and more.

The Civic also has a hybrid option and is considered very spacious for a small car with an average of 11.7 cu ft. The maximum cargo load is based on the coupe. This used car is considered a great sports drive with 205 horsepower, and fuel consumption is not bad at 6.7 L/100km. Note: Edmunds New Car Buying Guide is one of the most recognized authorities regarding cars in the vehicle industry.

Volkswagen Hatchback GTI (2010 to 2012):

Volkswagen has a really good resale value record, especially for older models that have original German-made parts. Cars between 2010 to 2012 are selling between $8,200 and $15,000.

Volkswagen discontinued the 2-door design with the 2014 model so you might want to grab one of these earlier models for that feature. This car is known for offering excellent performance with its 200 horsepower, racing from 0 to 100km in 7.2 seconds. It also offers great cargo space and very comfortable seats. Its fuel consumption is one of the best on the market with 6.6 L/100km on highways and 10L for city driving.

Keep in mind, if you would like to spend less money, you should look into older models from 2005 to 2007. The price ranges from $6,000 to $8,000, one of the best advantages, these older models have diesel engines that are known for their longevity. As long as you keep up with the car’s maintenance, you should enjoy these used cars for a long time. The downside, maintenance costs are higher than other makes.

Volvo S60 (2009 to 2011):

Volvo is another great choice when deciding what used car to buy. The price range is between $11,500 and $15,000 with the middle of the road around $13,500. Volvo is known for its cars lasting a long time, especially if you keep up the maintenance and can afford the cost for maintenance.

Volvo designed a system that has a full auto brake system, called “pedestrian detection”. This car has solid safety features letting you know if children are in or around your driveway or running into someone who is living on their cell phone.

The S60 sporty little sedan offers 300 horsepower, is sleek, but elegant at the same time with its classic racetrack features. Like earlier models, this used car is solid and safe ranking for its safety features. The headrests offer excellent spinal support that moves backward if you are rear-ended which has given this car the best ratings for a headrest. Fuel consumption is good at 9.9L/100M. This is one of the best-used cars on the market, considering when it is sold as new this vehicle goes for $50,000.

Kia Rio5 (2013 to 2016):

Kia still remains one of the best-used cars in the budget category by delivering the best value in all categories. Edmunds gave the Kia Rio5 a great rating of 4.5 stars for their used cars.

The Rio5 drives like a sports car when it comes to control, while drivers and passengers will enjoy a great deal of comfort that is superior to other sporty cars. You will be quite impressed with the spaciousness in this coupe. It has 138 horsepower and a very impressive 4.9-6 8L/100km to boot. Because the Rio5 comes with different models and trims, the price tag can alter a bit.

Mazda (2011 to 2014):

The price ranges from $10,000 to $14,500 but further research has shown that a used car with low mileage could cost up to $15,000, though this is considered pretty rare.

Mazda used cars that offer 155 horsepower with 8 in cities, 5.8 on highways with manuals, and 7.9 in cities, 5.7 on highways with automatics. Mazda3, according to, is one of the best-handling small cars on the market. You will enjoy a modern multimedia system, heated seats, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and easily operable mirrors. There are two packages for the used cars between 2011 and 2014, one is the leather package or the touring package. Both packages offer different bonuses such as fog lights or adjustable seats.

In A Nutshell:

With all this information, have you decided what the best or most reliable car to buy used is? We suggest you apply for financing ahead of time to get it out of the way. You will have a more pleasant time shopping around once you are approved.

You can fill out our quick and easy online application and we will match you to certified dealerships that have the right cars for your budget.

There is no obligation for making a purchase, if you are not happy with the used cars or you change your mind, simply walk away!

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